Our capabilities

NeuGen Medical

Our Capabilities

  • Personalized Care Paths Providing a digital platform for personalized care paths in T2DM prevention and management.
  • AI & Machine Learning Utilizing
    innovative technologies
    to offer unparalleled insights.
  • User Empowerment Empowering and supporting users with tailored programs, intuitive tools and AI insights.
  • Pharmacological Approach Offering timely
    pharmacological guidance for effective treatment.
NeuGen Medical

A pioneering company dedicated to addressing the challenges of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) and related chronic conditions.

We utilize a patient-centric approach, leveraging self-generated health data and disease control to monitor lifestyle choices and enable efficient clinical assessment.

Our goal is to optimize disease management, reduce emergency events, lower costs, and improve outcomes.

With dynamic digital software products, NeuGen provides a comprehensive platform for near-real-time management and prevention of T2DM and other chronic diseases.

We employ advanced profiling technology to enhance user engagement and adherence to clinical advice, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of life for millions of individuals.