Top Five Digital Health Innovations for 2023

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New data shows that the future of health innovation will need to be equitable – a trend identified by Dr. Anita Gupta, a C-Suite Healthcare Executive Leader, Board Member and Physician-PharmD at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and analyzed on Forbes. As a physician innovation representative to the AMA Physician Innovation Network, she recently attended the HLTH 2022 meeting, where she learned that 19% of digital tools are inaccessible by Americans with disabilities. Moreover, health disparities amount to over $90 billion a year in excess of medical costs and 24% of the lowest income bracket in America does not have access to a smart phone.

Yet the digital world remains the future ecosystem of healthcare and has continued to revolutionize almost every aspect of our lives. But healthcare remains one of the last frontiers. The massive amounts of data produced by sensors, apps and wearables can be used to monitor patients and their environments to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and efficient.

While healthcare can be one of the industries most resistant to change, I believe digital transformation has revolutionized almost every other industry.

Dr. Anita Gupta
Healthcare Executive Leader

Here are the top five innovations in the field of health that Dr. Anita Gupta expects to see in a wider adoption next year:

  • Connected Digital Care
  • AI in Healthcare
  • Real-World Patient Engagement In Healthcare
  • Increase Security For Digital And Health Data
  • Improving Telehealth Services

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash