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About NeuGen Medical

Spearheading Global Evolution
in Digital Healthcare

Type 2 Diabetes is not just one disease.

We are future-focused healthcare and technology experts who have long been cognizant of the immense potential of the digital sphere to revolutionize the prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes and its comorbidities.

NeuGen Medical comprises healthcare and technology experts dedicated to leveraging digital technology’s potential. Our focus lies in halting the advancement from prediabetes to Type 2 Diabetes and enhancing management for those already affected. By doing so, we aim to avert chronic complications and pave the way for healthier lives.

NeuGen’s mission is to develop a personalized platform that empowers individuals with empathy and vision to reclaim their quality of life, whilst being focused on reducing health disparity.

Even before the global pandemic, NeuGen was pioneering powerful technologies to revolutionize the chronic disease industry.

Our goal is to empower patients, foster engagement, and improve the lives of hundrends of millions.

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